Make Your Business Stand Out With My Unique, Creative Window Painting

  • My decorative, creative windows are painted to look as good on the inside of your business as they do on the outside. 

    When painted they are much like stained glass windows, bright and colourful. 

  • Your storefront is the first thing customers notice when they are driving or walking by. 

    Keep your store updated, fresh and exciting with seasonal window painting.

    The MOST COST effective and fastest way to get your advertising out there. 

  • During my 25 years as a professional splash window artist I have had the enjoyment of painting for many large corporations and small businesses in Regina. Moose Jaw and Saskatoon.

    No job is too big or too small. 

Make your business stand out from your competition with my bold, creative windows!

I take each clients needs into account to create a one of a kind, unique, fun window spread designed to make your business look more inviting and visible. 

Use your WINDOWS for advertising your latest sale or promotion!

Are you looking for a way to draw customers in for an upcoming sale?

Window painting brings a smile to customers faces.

STAND OUT above the crowd and draw customers in. 

GET NOTICED by brightening up your windows!

Increase your drive by and street visibility with my whimsical windows!

Decorate your business for Easter, Christmas or a special occasion? 

There is something special about the energy of hand painted windows - it's unique, personal and helps your business stand out from the rest of the businesses.