Making the World More Colorful Through Window Painting

As a creative artist, my windows are unique and whimsical, standing apart from other window artists. With my BOLD and COLOURFUL designs,  my windows GRAB people’s attention and DRAW CUSTOMERS into your BUSINESS.

My goal is to create a bright, bold, unique, window display by creating EYE CATCHING  windows drawing people into your business over the competitions business.

Once your windows are completed they look as good on the INSIDE as they do on the OUTSIDE 

Window Painting

  • When a new customer contacts me,  I will first set up a consultation with at your business. We will discuss the goals of the painting, what messages you want to be conveyed, and what you are trying to promote or sell.

    If you are looking for a seasonal window design – you can be GUARANTEED that your window displays are one of a kind and unique. I NEVER use the same design on a competitor’s business - even during my busy seasons.

  • The window painting takes from three to five hours, depending on the complexity of the design and the size and number of the windows.

    I paint the display on the INSIDE of the window, which protects the window art from any vandalism.

  • I use a high-quality window paint that is EASILY REMOVED, yet fade-resistant and highly durable.

    I do OFFER window cleaning services if clients prefer not to clean their window displays.

    My unique graphics look as good on the INSIDE as they do on the OUTSIDE.

Christmas penquins 3 windows

Making your Business Stand Out!

I create one of a kind window splashes to draw any potential customers into your business.
Each window display is unique, bright, eye catching, creative and sure to grab customers attention.

Take advantage of your free window advertising space by having your windows painted.

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